Crawford County Ohio Prosecutor

County Prosecutor
Matthew Crall

How to file an adult criminal charge

  1. Contact your local law enforcement agency where the crime happened
    1. Crawford County Sheriff’s Office: 419-562-7906
    2. Bucyrus City Police Department: 419-562-1006
    3. Galion City Police Department: 419-468-9111
    4. Crestline Village Police Department: 419-683-2222
    5. New Washington Police Department: 419-492-2321
    6. Ohio State Patrol: 419-562-8040
  2. Complete a Statement with that agency
  3. Contact the appropriate prosecutor’s office
    1. Crawford County (all felony and juvenile matters, and misdemeanors/traffic in Townships and Galion) 419-562-9782
    2. Bucyrus City Prosecutor (misdemeanors/traffic within City of Bucyrus) 419-562-6767 x237
    3. Crestline Municipal Prosecutor (misdemeanor/traffic) within the Village of Crestline – 419-683-3800