Crawford County Ohio Prosecutor

County Prosecutor
Matthew Crall

Duties of County Prosecutor

  • Prosecute Felony and Misdemeanor Crime
  • Work with all law enforcement agencies in the County
  • Advocates for victims of crime
  • Represent Job and Family Services – CSEA and Children Services
  • Represent Elected Officials – Commissioners (3), Clerk of Courts, Recorder, Auditor, Treasurer, Sheriff, Engineer
  • Represent County Boards – Board of Elections, Developmental Disabilities, General Health District, Joint Ambulance Board, District Advisory Commission for the General Health District, County Fair Board
  • Serve on Budget Commission and Data Processing Board
  • Represent Township Trustees (3 per each of the 16 townships) and Fiscal Officers
  • Represent the County Treasurer in every foreclosure filed in the County
  • Represent the County in the collection of overdue real estate taxes