Message from Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Crall

Matt Crall, Crawford County Prosecutor

Welcome to the Crawford County Prosecuting Attorney website. I am honored to represent the citizens of Crawford County. Hard work and integrity are the keys to success. This office works hard for you, the citizens of Crawford County, every day.

The Crawford County Prosecutor’s Office is dedicated to serving all the residents of Crawford County. In order to bring the guilty to justice and exonerate the innocent, I and the four assistant prosecutors work very closely with law enforcement to prosecute criminals while giving victims a voice in the court system. In addition to advocacy in the Courtroom on criminal cases, the County Prosecutor serves as legal advisor for the elected officials of the County and Townships. The County Prosecutor also advises the Board of Elections, the Board of Health, the Board of Developmental Disability, and Job and Family Services. According to Ohio Law, the Prosecutor also sits on the Budget Commission and the Data Board of Crawford County.

Please feel free to contact this office by calling 419-562-9782.


Mar 1, 2022

Source: Press Release

Crawford County Prosecutor Matthew Crall has announced the guilty verdict of Patrick Thompson.

Feb 23, 2022

Source: Press Release

Oral arguments were presented to the Third District Court of Appeals in the matter of State v. Joshua Benedict.

Feb 11, 2022

Source: Press Release

 Crawford County Prosecutor Matthew Crall has announced the guilty verdict of Michael Weaver.